Wrap Around Childcare (WAC)


Whilst we await further information regarding Wrap Around Childcare please feel free to pop any questions in here and we will feed into the WAC Team 

  • I had a disabled child and am in the process of registering as a childminder. Can I hire an assistant to help him cope with having extra children at home? Someone who will be there solely for him. Fletcher has low functioning autism and is non verbal. 
    If not, will the MOD pay for a one to one to enable him to attend WAC. We are in Newport South Wales, my husband is in the Royal Navy based in Yeovilton. 


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    Hi Annie, Thanks for using the discussion area to raise your question. If you email our Information Office address [email protected] one of the team will be able to assist in providing information and guidance on what support is available. The team will be back in office on Monday when they will pick up on this. Kind regards, Jim RN FPS Duty Moderator

  • Hi, I am currently serving and due to leave in September after 11 years. My husband is remaining in service and is drafted in Portsmouth (away from our home in Plymouth). I will begin studying midwifery in September, and our son will teach school age next year whilst I am still in full time education. I have looked into the process of applying for WAC, which states you need a tax free childcare account, however, we will not be eligible for this whilst I am studying. Is there any other way to apply for WAC if one parent is in full time further education? 

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    Apologies for the delay with a response. This has only just popped up.

    You will need to direct this query to the WAC Team. Email them using - [email protected]


    Colin - Duty RN FPS Moderator

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    HI  I have looked into this and the reply from the WAC Team is: 

    In order to be eligible, the Service person and their partner must be in paid employment or starting or re-starting work within the next 31 days, and have a weekly income equivalent to 16 hours at the National Minimum or Living Wage.  As you are in full time education, and in line with existing Government policy, you will not be eligible to join the WAC scheme.

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    Hi  I have push your question to the WAC Team and will add the response to this chat once received.

  • how and when can we apply for this as starting to worry a bit where i havent seen anything and our som starts school in a few weeks im goong to have to fork out the terms wrap around

  • is there any news on this yet as wel have to pay a full first term of wrap around car in a week or so and trying to figure out how i sort this out for the free care? 

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    Hi Natalie,  the latest details we have are included in the announcement  Wrap Around Childcare - Further Information . The announcement should answer the majority of questions.

    The extract below is from the announcement.

    1.     Make sure their child(ren) is registered on JPA

    2.    Apply for a Tax-Free Childcare (TFC) account for every child, aged 4 – 11 years, that they plan to claim for.

    3.     When step 1 and 2 is complete, register their child(ren) on the Defence Childcare portal from early September 2022 (link will be shared closer to the time).

    Hopefully we will receive more information about the Defence Childcare portal link shortly.

    Kind regards, Jim RN FPS Duty Moderator

  • Hi,

    I have a 2 year old where the tax free childcare works for her, however, the WAP would be perfect for our 7 year old in school. Can we still apply for the WAP for our 7 year old and keep the tax free for our 2 year old?

    It doesn't explain very well on the website of this is allowed and the calculator hasn't been any help either?

    We are based in Portsmouth and my husband is serving in Yeovil

    Many thanks