Claiming Universal Credit From Overseas

Guidance for claiming Universal Credit when assigned overseas.


Service personnel and families have reported confusing information and guidance received from the DWP in terms of both eligibility on continuing to claim Universal Credit when located overseas and which address to use on claim forms.


Universal Credit software has not, to date, accepted the standard BFPO address format so eligible personnel have been given different advice on what addresses to put on their claims. This has created confusion amongst families. The details below provide guidance on claiming Universal Credit from overseas.

  1. Serving families operating overseas remain eligible to claim Universal Credit (U/C), in the same way they would if serving in the UK.

  2. A temporary solution is in place to get around the difficulties with using BFPO addresses on U/C software. With immediate effect, all eligible claimants are to use the following address in claims: UNIT or REGIMENT OPERATION; BARRACKS or CAMP or RAF STATION or NAVAL SHIP (if applicable); BFPO number; POSTCODE: HA4 6NG.

a. Most important aspect is the post-code, this will ensure the claim goes to the team of DWP Armed Forces (AF) Champions that will specialise in supporting serving personnel overseas.

b. If you are already serving overseas and claiming you are recommended to complete a U/C change of circumstances form so that your claim falls under the one central DWP AF champion team.

  1. Soon, the permanent solution (BFPO addresses accepted as standard on U/C software and claim forms) will be in place and JSP 770 updated accordingly. The DWP website is also due to be updated with information targeted specifically to the Armed Forces Community.

  1. For help and advice your DWP regional AF champion remains your first POC (if you have not yet deployed). Alternatively, please email the regional team that will be responsible for overseas claims: [email protected] 

  2. For Serving personnel please see DIN 2022DIN01-050  for further information.