The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Families Survey (FAMCAS) 2024 is now live!

A career in the Royal Navy takes real commitment from the whole family.

FAMCAS is an annual Tri-service survey designed to gain a better understanding of the impact of service on family life. This year, the families of all married RN/RM service personnel are invited to share their thoughts on topics that affect them.

 Why your family’s views are important?

The results from the survey are used to evaluate and develop Naval policies and initiatives which concern Service families, including childcare, housing, and healthcare. Your partner’s feedback will help the RN to further improve support structures and better understand what it’s like to be a Service family. Please encourage them to take part.

Do your family have to take part?

No, this survey is entirely voluntary, but any and all responses provide valuable information for RN/RM policies that affect the families of our service personnel.

How is the survey accessed?

If you are a service person and have received an e-mail invitation to participate in the survey, please forward this invitation to your spouse or civil partner so they can share their views.

If you are the spouse/civil partner of a service person, you can click the link to access the RN and RM Families Continuous Attitudes Survey.

To access the survey, you will need your/your serving partner’s service number (case sensitive) to act as your ‘access code’. Please rest assured that all responses are completely anonymous and confidential.

At the moment the FamCAS survey does not include unmarried couples who are part of a Service family. However, hearing the voices of unmarried partners who are in committed relationships is a priority for Defence, and they can have their say in this alternative short survey.

You can check if you are able to complete the FAMCAS this year using this Checker Tool. If you are in the sample, you will be redirected to the Families Survey, if you are not, you will be redirected to the alternative short survey so that you may still have your say.

The survey closes on the 22 April 2024.

If you have any queries, or are unable to gain access to the survey, please do not hesitate to contact Caroline Riddington at the Navy P&T PIIAC Research Team.