SSCE Cymru School Survey

SSCE Cymru invited all schools in Wales that have Service children enrolled to participate in a survey. 

The topics included: 

  • School information – e.g. number of Service children, language of school, location 
  • Mobility data – number of Service children joining and leaving the school 
  • Challenges – those that Service children face in education, and schools face in supporting them 
  • Support – that schools offer to their Service children, including mental health and wellbeing assistance, and how schools are working collaboratively 
  • Funding – that schools are accessing, and what it is being used for 
  • Armed Forces community – and how schools are engaging with it 
  • SSCE Cymru resources – to learn what schools would find beneficial in helping them to support their Service children 
  • SSCE Cymru training – to identify what type of training schools would like, and for who. 

See the results here