DIO Accommodation Stakeholder Briefing – 29 February 2024

A message from DIO Chief Executive, Mike Green:
 “On Tuesday, I gave evidence to the House of Commons Defence Committee inquiry into service accommodation.
 I welcome the scrutiny of our past performance and the opportunity it provides for us to share the improvements we are making.
 I care deeply about the homes that DIO provides for you and your families, and during the evidence session, I was again able to offer my sincere apologies for the unacceptable living conditions that many of you have had to experience.  
 I am determined to resolve the problems that have affected Service family homes and over the last 18 months we have done all in our power to grip the issues.
 Maintenance service performance has significantly improved and more than 80% of jobs are now fixed on first visit. Call waiting times have vastly reduced and complaints are at their lowest level since the contracts began. However, there is much more still to do.
 DIO has secured an additional £400 million investment over the financial years 2023/24 and 2024/25, which is being spent on improving the most urgent accommodation issues.

 We are working better with stakeholders and the Families Federations to improve our communications with you, and we will continue to work closely with our suppliers to build on the progress that has already been made.

 I know it will take time to regain your trust. Please be assured we continue to advocate for the level of investment needed to make a real and enduring difference to our ageing estate and provide the quality of homes you and you families deserve.”
If you would like to view the Committee oral evidence session, go to Service Accommodation - Committees - UK Parliament.
Top messages from DIO:
IDEAL Customer Safety Notice
A safety recall has been issued by IDEAL regarding their Heating Logic 2 gas combi & system boiler range. Around 2,500 homes have this type of boiler installed. Impacted families have been issued a letter and FAQ document informing them of the issue and the next steps to resolve this.
Families are still able to use the boilers, however, IDEAL advise families to repressurise their boiler and ensure they register their details for an upgrade. Instructions on how to do this, can be found on IDEAL’s website: https://www.idealsupport.co.uk/
Modernised Accommodation Offer
Our Armed Forces personnel make extraordinary sacrifices to protect our nation, which is why our Modernised Accommodation Offer (MAO) gives greater flexibility, backed by an extra £200 million investment. This is on top of £4 billion to upgrade accommodation and build new living quarters for our service personnel over the next decade.
Based on feedback from service personnel, the MAO will improve the standard of Single Living Accommodation (SLA), retain the SLA waivers, and extend them to newly entitled Service personnel who maintain a main home 50 miles away from their assigned location no matter age, service or relationship status.
The MAO will also help military personnel get on the housing ladder by refunding up to £1,500 of legal expenses.
We are committed to widening entitlement to those in established long term relationships and parents with non-resident children, but we have listened to feedback and are therefore pausing the rollout of the elements of the policy related to SFA, including the move to needs based allocation and in the short term the widening of entitlement.