Phone App Game - Concerns Raised

You may have heard about a fairly recent phone app game called Cunch-line Chronicles, which is advertised as a "light hearted satirical take on the darker side of urban UK culture". However it is far from this - the game promotes and sensationalises the county lines lifestyle, teaches users how to set a trap house and how to recruit runners (below are some screen shots from the game so you are aware of what it would look like if it's open on a child's phone). 
Various national bodies are aware of this app and are investigating whether any action can be done about it. Of particular concern is that it appears to have an in-chat facility which could potentially enable grooming/recruitment and so hopefully action can be taken. 
The Home Office has produced some guidance on County Lines that you may find helpful if you want to find out more about what this is and what some of the signs to look out for are. 
It goes without saying, but please be mindful of how you discuss this app with children. We've had feedback that some attempts to encourage children to not to download it, has actually had the opposite effect by drawing attention to it and encouraging them to actively seek it out.