Parkdean Resorts and RNRMC Free Holidays

Through a new partnership with the RNRMC, Parkdean Resorts, the national holiday park operator with 67 family-friendly parks throughout the UK, will provide up to 145 holiday breaks between April and November this year at nine of its parks, including a disabled-access unit at Southview, Skegness. 

The breaks will be awarded as recognition of not only the Service Person, but also the families supporting them, for the extraordinary sacrifices and encouragement they provide whilst their spouses/partners and loved ones are deployed around the globe. 

The awards also aim to recognise families that may have gone or are going through difficult times and where time away may help. 
Given the limited number of RNRMC Holiday Breaks available, a competitive application process has been set up which requires applicants to submit a written application endorsed by their Divisional Officer or civilian equivalent.  
More on how to book here.