China Fleet Trust Beneficiary Widening

Beneficiary Widening to all serving commissioned RN & RM and RFA personnel and their families 
The China Fleet Club is approaching its 30th year in its current location in Saltash, Cornwall following its relocation from Hong Kong in 1991 where it had been serving and supporting the Royal Navy for the best part of the 20th century. 

The Club was initially founded to look after the recreational needs of the Men of the Fleet in Hong Kong and throughout its history it has adapted and evolved to continue to be relevant to the Royal Navy and those that serve in an ever changing environment with the many challenges that resulted, including the threat of closure. 
The Club has moved from being a humble Royal Naval Canteen serving the China Fleet and other associate members (including US and Allied Forces), and under continued threat of demolition to a highly regarded and vibrant 4* Golf & Country Club in a beautiful setting with a wide breadth of high quality facilities and accommodation that supports the very different RN today. 

The Club has transformed itself from a refuge and escape from the rigours of life for sailors deployed onboard 20th century warships to a family friendly haven in the Cornish countryside.   

That journey has only been possible with the imagination, pragmatism, flexibility and hard work of the Clubs management, staff and committee members and their supporters over the years. 

In line with its objects and good governance the China Fleet Trust regularly reviews its beneficiary pool to ensure it continues to effectively deliver its charitable object of promoting the efficiency and welfare of the Royal Navy. 

Following a review of the beneficiary pool in 2013 the Trust made the decision (with permissions from the Charity Commission) in 2014  to extend the beneficiary pool to include RN & RM Reservists  and create additional beneficiary categories to include serving RN & RM Officers, RN & RM Veterans and other armed forces attached to or embedded within RN & RM units. This has proved extremely successful and went some way toward the Trust’s aim of supporting the whole serving RN & RM family. 
In 2019, following a further comprehensive review of the beneficiary pool the Trust Board and the China Fleet Beneficiary committee (the majority of whom are serving RN & RM non- commissioned personnel)  were asked to consider including serving RN & RM commissioned personnel and their families and serving RFA personnel and their families in the beneficiary pool. 

The Trust and Beneficiary Committee both agreed that times and environment had changed significantly since the Club was established and the Club now needed to amend its objects to better serve the whole serving Royal Navy family, which included RFA personnel. 

The Trust subsequently approached the Charity Commission for permission to widen the beneficiary pool in line with the review’s recommendations and wishes of the Committee.  

The Trustees of the China Fleet and the Beneficiary committee are now pleased and proud to announce that the Charity Commission has approved those changes. 
As a result, serving RN & RM commissioned personnel and their families and serving RFA personnel and their families will now be automatically be members of the Club by right and enjoy the same privileges enjoyed by serving RN & RM NCOs and their families which importantly includes the option to use all the Club facilities on a PAYP basis. 

The Trust and Committee do not underestimate the historical significance of this change and feel strongly that it is entirely in line with their predecessor’s determination in ensuring that the Club remains viable and relevant, serving the Royal Navy long into the future.   

The Royal Navy family may have got somewhat smaller since the Club was initially established but crucially, we are now here and available to support the whole Royal Navy family in the increasingly demanding roles and rigours of service life. 


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